What are different types of renewable energy sources that we use today?

Renewable EnergyThe concept of renewable energy has been around for a while. Individuals as well as the governments are making attempts to increase the use of such energy sources in upcoming days. Today, there are several different types of renewable energy sources that we use. In this article, we are going to mention some of them and how we can benefit from it.


Sun is among the major sources of energy for the humans of earth. Most of all, it is important for the light that it provides to us. The energy coming from it is as the result of nuclear fusion that takes place in the core of the sun. It reaches to us in the form of rays and we can convert it further in usable forms of energy. For that, one may make use of the solar panels that aid in conversion of sunlight in the electrical energy. Then, we can use the electricity for various purposes that include powering the household lights, fans to using bigger converters to supply power to greater machinery.

Wind Power

The wind power is also among the common renewable energy sources that we use today. If you take a look at the surroundings, you are likely to find a wind mill. Particularly, the areas where wind constantly blows at a good speed are the ones where governments are adding wind mills. These wind mills move due to the force exerted by the speed of wind on them and because of the movement, power generation takes place. In other words, the force from wind makes the turbine move which, in turn, generates electricity which we can use to power multiple things.

Hydroelectric energy

The hydroelectric energy refers to the generation of energy from water. Hydro refers to the power that we take from water (waves that travel at a good speed on oceans and in sea) and the electricity refers to the generation of electrical power from it. Mostly, there is a genuine elevation in the water level and the governments build up resources in order to utilize it. However, one may argue that it is not a totally renewable energy as governments have to pay high costs for the build up of resources and they need continuous maintenance in order to function appropriately.


Another common type of energy that we use today is the biomass. It is term that refers to energy we take from plants. You might be using it yourself without realizing the fact that you are making use of the biomass. The most common application we see today is cutting down of plants and trees and using the wood in order to create fire.


So, these are some types of renewable energy sources that are common today. The biomass and solar energy is being used not only in the organizations and institutes but in common homes too. Take a look around and you may find someone in your neighborhood using one of these sources of energy.