Tips to stay safe on your visit to Zug, Moroccan Sahara

Tips to stay safe on your visit to Zug, Moroccan Sahara

The Moroccan Sahara is attractive and catchy to many people. There are plenty of cities that you may wish to visit, and one can be Zug. It is a city that is around 170 KM away from Atar, Mauritania and near a sand sea. With a hospital in the town, you may be spending a couple of days there for medical aid. No matter whatever the reason is, you must note that it is not safe for a person in such areas. At one side, the area provides a lot of things to cheer, and the people are welcoming, but on the other side, some bad people also reside there. So, here are some that will help you in staying safe while you are in such areas of the country.

Do not walk alone at night

First of all, do not walk alone especially at night. When you are walking on the street along in busy areas during the day time, it is perfectly alright. However, the petty crime is pretty high here and mostly the people involved in it target tourists. Therefore, you never know what is standing at waiting for you at the corner of next street in the darkness of night.

Women must not go out on their own

A woman, walking alone in the streets, grabs some attention from men in the surroundings. And if you decide to be brave enough and be courageous to do so, then you never know when an individual or a batch of people start following you with the chances of groping on the way. Therefore, you should not think of walking alone in the Moroccan areas, especially in these parts, as an act of courage. Rather, it will be an act of foolishness.

Pay attention to your dressing

Morocco is a Muslim country and is pretty conservative. Therefore, it is not advised for you to wear the short skimpy clothes. The best way is to keep your shoulders, arms and legs covered. Especially for women, they should be careful with their dress. At one side, it may capture the attention, but on the other side, it might be irritating for some of them. In either case, it will be something unwanted for you as a tourist.

Do not wear flashy jewelry

You may have heard about this rule that no matter where you are going for a tour, you must avoid flashy jewelry. However, think about stepping in a place where the crime rate is a bit high, and there are few alarms when it is about the security of a person. Surely, the safety will be taken to the next level. Therefore, avoid wearing any such artifacts while you are in Morocco.

Watch for the scams

When you are in Zug or any other part of Morocco, you should watch out for the scams. People are likely to ask you for a cup of coffee or tea and lure you into their trap. Ultimately, you will end up buying something that is not worthy at all but will be sold to you as something highly precious.