Top Women Hairstyles On Instagram

Top Women Hairstyles On Instagram

Importance of Hairstyle for Looks:

Everybody wants to look beautiful. Especially as woman we all want to look prominent in a gathering or an event. All of us desire that people talk about us. We like to be in the spotlight and to be the centre of attention. For this we try different fashions and beauty hacks. The most important thing for a woman is her hair. Women love to play with her hair and make different hairstyles by seeking tutorials through different social media sites just to look beautiful. Our hairstyle makes our personality.

How we style our hair shows a lot about us. It projects our image to the world.  Now a day everyone uses various social medias sites including Instagram to learn about new fashion and trends going on and how to do that fashion with the help of tutorials.

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Some of the Top Women Hairstyles On Instagram:


In braids you have many different styles. For long hairs bubble braids is a dream hairstyle that everyone wants to try. Side braids is also a good hairstyle you can try. Fishtail braid is something that you don’t want to miss these summers.

Bob Cut

Bob cut is for short hair. It makes you look beautiful and elegant at the same time. It is one of the popular hairstyles worn by different celebrities now a day like Kylie Jenner. So what are you waiting for.


Curls as always look beautiful on all hair lengths whether they are short or long. They enhance your personality.

Hair Bun

With the increasing heat of the summers the best hairstyle is to tie your hair and make a hair bun. Through which you not only stay cool but beautiful at the same time. A hair bun makes you look classy. You can also go for braided hair bun.


Waves are the best casual hairstyle you can do this summers. Whether you are going on a beach or having a day out with your friends, waves help you look gorgeous. This flirty hairstyle not only makes you look beautiful but attractive at the same time.

Top 10 best hairstyles account on Instagram to follow:


They post pictures of new and different braid hairstyles like daily that you can try.


They also post pictures of different types of braid hairstyles you don’t want to miss this summer as hair are the important part making a women’s personality.


They post pictures of trending cute girls hairstyles. It is a very popular account. Where they share their hair ideas that you can follow.


Where a hair salon team post before and after pictures of their client’s hairstyles.


Where Steph, a hair blogger, posts pictures of her hair hairstyles and the ones she makes of her clients. She is an expert of wedding hairstyles.


Over here you find all nail and hair ideas and inspirations you can follow.


You know her as she has been posting her ideas on YouTube too. She has an Instagram account

Final Words:

Even if you are thinking to start your own hair saloon on instagram or even just have created one, then to get startup boost you can buy real active instagram followers and let other to follow you. Never be late to start any project. Once you start, that is correct time.